3 Common Types of Tree Ordinances

When it comes to trees, there are certain rules and regulations we all must follow. There are three primary facets of tree ordinances that exist in most states, although they may vary among jurisdiction. These ordinances govern view, protection, and streets.

Continue reading to learn more about each tree ordinance, and how to find your town’s specific laws surrounding landscaping trees.

Indianapolis Tree Service 317-783-2518
Indianapolis Tree Service 317-783-2518

❶ View Ordinances

There are typically tree view ordinances in every state, and even often incorporated in neighborhood association by-laws. These ordinances are meant to regulate obstruction of valuable views and sunlight between individual properties. For instance, if a homeowner plants a large tree that blocks sunlight to their yard, the homeowner can be in violation of such ordinances if they exist in their city. Such violations generally lead to warnings; but if nothing is done to mollify the warning, the penalties can increase to fines and litigation.

❷ Street Ordinances

There are also tree ordinances that regulate the maintenance and safety of private trees on public travel paths. Such paths include sidewalks, roads, creeks, parking lots, parks, and more. If your tree is blocking a public right-of-way, like one of these paths just mentioned, you could be in violation of a tree street ordinance.  The same consequence applies if your tree is posing some sort of public hazard. There are also similar ordinances that mandate certain tree planting requirements, such as in parking lots.

❸ Protection Ordinances

In virtually every city and town, there are trees that have certain essential value or historical significance. For this reason, there are also regulations that protect such trees. These are referred to as tree protection ordinances. If a protected tree needs to be removed or trimmed, a specific permit of authority is required. So always be very careful when tampering with a tree that is not on your property; because you never know if it is protected by local jurisdiction.

Where to Get Professional Tree Advice

Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518
Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518

Call Complete Tree Care at 317-783-2518 for Indianapolis tree service you can trust. We are licensed and insured tree care contractors who serve both residential and commercial properties with a wide range of professional tree care services, including stump removal, lot clearing, storm damage clearance, and more. Request an estimate, today.

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