FAQS About Christmas Tree Care

If you bought yourself a live Christmas this year kudos to you! This is a terrific way to truly experience the seasonal surroundings. Just be sure you take good care of it so that it lasts to New Year’s Day!

Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518
Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518

🎄 What Do I Do With My Tree After I Buy it?

When it comes to buying a precut Christmas tree, the first thing you want to do while you are still at the tree lot is ask the staff to cut off an inch of the trunk. If you are far away from home, wait to cut the trunk yourself when you get back. A freshly cut tree needs to be placed in water within 2 hours for the best results. Before you bring your tree outside, be sure to give it a thorough shake to release any dead pine needles. This will save you some vacuuming time. Once it is time to place the tree into your stand, be sure to prune sparingly. You shouldn’t have to cut off more than 6 inches to make the tree fit the stand.

🎄 Which Type of Tree Stand Do I Use?

There are so many different brands, styles, and varieties of tree stands out there. The one you choose will mostly depend on the size of your tree and your personal preference. Just be sure the stand comfortably holds at least one gallon of water. Many homeowners say that wide-set adjustable screw tree stands are better because they are easy to use and won’t damage floors or tip over.

🎄 How Often Do I Need to Water My Christmas Tree?

Just like any other living plant, you will need to water it regularly to maintain its robust and colorful appearance, and prolong its lifespan. The recommended amount of water for a Christmas tree is one gallon of water each day. This simply means keeping the 1 gallon tree stand reservoir full at all times. Simply check it throughout the day to ensure it has plenty.

🎄 Should I Add Aspirin to My Christmas Tree Water?

There are plenty of misconceptions about tree additives. One is that adding aspirin is helpful for prolonging life and resilience, but it is really not necessary. Your Christmas tree doesn’t need any additives; it only needs plenty of fresh clean water.

🎄 Where is the Best Place to Put a Christmas Tree?

Many people only consider aesthetics when deciding where to put their Christmas tree. And although it is nice for it too look good, safety is a vital aspect to consider first and foremost. For instance, you do not want to place your tree near fire hazards like fireplaces, candles, exposed light bulbs, and strong drafts. Furthermore, you do not want to dry your tree out prematurely by placing near heaters and open vents.

Indianapolis Tree Service

Call Complete Tree Care at 317-783-2518 for professional Indianapolis tree service you can trust. We serve all of Central Indiana with a wide range of skilled tree removal and tree care services, for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you need a single tree removed, or simply require routine tree service, like trimming or pruning, we can deliver prompt and professional service at a fair price. Call 317-783-2518 to request a free estimate, today.

Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518
Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518
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