Learn How to Identify Ash Trees

Indianapolis Tree Service 317-783-2518

Indianapolis Tree Service 317-783-2518

Categorized as a part of the Fraxinus family, Ash trees are a beautiful staple here in Indiana, as well as, throughout the entire country, and even parts of Canada! That is because they are hearty and highly-tolerant to different environments. But with so many species of deciduous tree in our state, how do you know that your landscaping trees are Ash trees for sure?

Well, continue reading to learn how to identify Ash trees all on your own!

4 Characteristics to Look For

There are four primary characteristics to look for that distinguishes an Ash tree from another. As soon as you learn these 4 characteristics, you will be able to identify an Ash tree with just a swift glance! Below you will find them, along with a brief description to better understand what to look for. You can also ask your trusted tree service company for assistance with identifying the landscaping trees on your property.

Opposing Branches – The branches on an Ash Tree grow in pairs, but on opposing sides from one another. For this reason, they are commonly referred to as, “mate branches.” Not many trees share this growth pattern, making it one of the most distinguishable traits of an Ash tree, and one of the first you should look for.

Diamond Bark Pattern – A young Ash tree has smooth bark, but as it matures, it begins to develop a diamond pattern. This pattern eventually protrudes out of the bark in a 3-D looking style, making it even easier to see and identify.

Compound Leaves – The leaves of an Ash tree are unique. They do not grow in the traditional and predictable “one leaf to a single bud” style, but instead, sprout multiple leaves per bud. In fact, the standard Ash tree bud contains anywhere between 5 and 11 leaves!

Oar-Shaped Seeds – To investigate the appearance of seeds, you’ll have to take a closer look. If you can, look for oar-shaped seeds. Ash tree seeds have a unique shape that resembles the oars on a canoe!

Indianapolis Tree Service

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