4 Tree Diseases You Should Watch Out For

Tree diseases are common reasons for tree removal.  There are four particular illnesses that trees fall victim to quite often.  These infections, infestations, ailments, and sicknesses all have a devastating effect on trees, and can quickly lead to their demise.  Continue reading to quickly learn four common tree diseases that can kill trees, and that property owners should be on the look for.

Indianapolis Tree Service 317-783-2518
Indianapolis Tree Service 317-783-2518

❶ Elm Disease

In the early 1900’s, oversea shipments brought in non-native beetles. Today, these beetles like to burrow into a variety of elm trees, and take down the plant fast.  Elms that are already infected with a fungal disease are even easier for these Dutch beetles to invade, making them popular targets.  If the leaves of an Elm tree begin to turn yellow, or die, right before Fall, it could be a sign of elm disease.  In this case, the tree would need to be treated; otherwise tree removal is the only option.

❷ Heart Rot

This disease attacks hardwood trees.  The name basically describes the signs of a tree with this condition.  The disease begins to weaken the tree’s structure and stability from within; all while cause branches to weaken and break as well.  This can be potentially dangerous for any structure or person near this type of infected tree.  Mushroom caps and fungus are common hints of heart rot as well.  Treatment is possible, but very complicated.  Expert pruning and dead wooding could save a rotting hardwood tree.  Basically, it is important to promote as much healthy growth as possible through pruning and dead wooding.

❸ Oak Wilt

Insects or root graphs carry this disease to trees.  It is much deadlier than heart rot, but has the same effect.  One the spores have entered the tree it can take as little as six months to kill the host completely.  Oak Wilt cannot be treated, but it can be detected and prevented.  Any tree near the infected tree runs risk to the disease as well.  Professional tree services can properly prune and seal wounds to rid the tree of Oak Wilt.

❹ Chestnut Blight

When a tree becomes infected with Chestnut Blight, it is similar to when humans become infected with small pox.  American Chestnut Trees were near extinction in the early 1900’s because of this infection.  Signs that include, cankers and orange-brown stains on the bark can indicate Chestnut Blight Disease.  Treatment involves chemical tree injections, so professional assistance is highly advised in this situation.

How to Evaluate Tree Care Needs in Indianapolis

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Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518
Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518