How to Prevent Moss Growth on Trees

In the appropriate setting, moss growth can be quite stunning. Waterfalls, forests, and along the shores of streams are common places moss grows without ever affecting our private landscapes. But when moss grows on our property’s favored trees, it can create a multitude of problems for both homeowners and the trees themselves. Moss can be a nuisance in many ways, and grow out of control if not managed properly.

Fortunately, moss growth can be controlled and even prevented. If you are starting to notice an increase in moss growth on your trees, it may be time to make some changes to your landscaping maintenance routine. Continue reading to learn some simple and effective methods to preventing moss growth on trees.

Indianapolis Tree Service 317-783-2518
Indianapolis Tree Service 317-783-2518

Moss Control and Prevention

In order to control and prevent moss growth, it is helpful to understand what makes moss thrive. Then simply eliminate any conditions or variables that contribute to moss growth! Creating unfavorable conditions for moss is the number one method for reducing or eliminating it. And to get rid of moss on tree trunks, it is necessary to start with the lawn. That’s because moss that grows on lawns is bound to reach the trees.

Moss Removal Tips

Water is moss’ best friend. Without it, moss simply cannot thrive. So try to water your lawn less often, and be sure to avoid soaking the tree trunk and tree bark during the grass-watering process. Moisture is a growth house for moss, so less moisture means less chance of moss infestation. Keep in mind that properties with more shade require less lawn watering.

Look up the proper pH levels for your lawn plants and gardens, and then use a soil testing kit to test the pH levels in your lawn. You can purchase these kits for a reasonable price at any local garden or home improvement store.

Treat your soil so that the pH levels fall within the proper parameters. Acidic soil should be treated with lime to create unfavorable soil conditions for moss growth. But be sure to not use too much because it can harm your garden and trees as well.

Outsource tree thinning services to thin out tree branches. This allows for more light, which in turn reduces moisture accumulation on trunks and bark. Be sure to use an experienced Indianapolis tree service company for professional assistance.

Use a punch-core aerator to aerate the soil in your lawn. You may also try introducing organic soil to the topsoil. Both of these methods will improve drainage and prevent standing water and slow water absorption. And this prevents moss growth.

Manually remove moss on trees with your hands. You can choose to use a power washer but it can damage your tree if you are not careful. Manual moss removal takes longer, but it is much safer for your trees.

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Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518
Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518