Will the Snow Kill My Tree?

Do you have a tree on your lot that has been experiencing some weakness or problems? If so, all this recent snowfall might have your concerned about its potential to persevere through spring. Continue reading to learn how snow and cold temperatures might affect landscaping trees, and what you can do to better protect them for the remainder of the winter season.

Indianapolis Winter Tree Service 317-783-2518
Indianapolis Winter Tree Service 317-783-2518

Winter Tree Threats

There are various factors that can influence the health and condition of a tree, year-round. Not only can harsh winter weather impact a tree’s ability to thrive, other natural occurrences can weaken or damage a tree overtime, such as pest infestation, wildlife tampering, poor soil compaction or pH levels, lawn drainage, landscaping, construction, and much more. As for the winter, the most damaging elements that trees can suffer from include heavy snow, hail, ice, windstorms, and heavy rain.

So, will this recent snowfall cause your trees to die? Probably not, but the possibility is there if your trees have existing health problems, such as disease or malnutrition. Furthermore, newly planted and young trees are more vulnerable to elemental damages, making it important to protect them during times of heavy snowfall and below-freezing temperatures.

Beware of Winter Burn

Also known as desiccation, winter burn is a potentially-fatal seasonal problem among evergreen trees. The most common causes for winter burn are insufficient levels of moisture in soil, freezing temperatures, and inclement winds. These factors cause trees to lose moisture faster than they can replace it, as a result of the frozen ground and soil conditions. Because of these conditions, trees suffering from winter burn often die before spring arrives

How to Protect Trees in Snowy Weather

Diseased, decaying, or dead trees can easily be knocked down in a large snowstorm. It is wise to remove a tree in this condition before it becomes a threat to the people and surroundings in your neighborhood. This is one reason why routine tree care and maintenance is so important. Regular, year-round tree care is highly effective, and can help thrive through winter.

Additional winter tree protection methods:

➥ Burlap Wraps
➥ Cable and Bracing
➥ Tree Staking
➥ Mulching

Winter Tree Service in Indianapolis You Can Count On

Call Complete Tree Care at 317-783-2518 for experienced tree service in Indianapolis and throughout Central Indiana. We offer a wide range of residential and commercial tree services, including tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, stump removal, lot clearing, and more. If you want professional and efficient service you can trust, Complete Tree Care is the right call!

Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518
Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518

Common Winter Tree Pests in Indiana

Although the majority of insects and similar pests turn in for the winter season, that does not mean they have disappeared. In fact, many species of bugs will brave the cold, harsh climates. Unfortunately, this puts our landscaping trees at risk since winter insects commonly target them for food and shelter.

If you are concerned about the quality and protection of your trees, continue reading to learn which winter tree pests to watch out for, as well as, how to treat or prevent them next year.

Indianapolis Tree Service 317-783-2518
Indianapolis Tree Service 317-783-2518

Red Spider Mites

Although they are also very active in fall and spring, red spider mites are still something to look out for in the winter season. What really makes them a nuisance is their omnivorous appetite, as they will feed on a wide variety of plants and shrubs. However, apple trees are their main love, and they target them quite aggressively this time of year. Any crevices near the bottom of the tree’s trunk are where the spider mites like to hang out during the winter.

Here they will hide until the climate warms up. Because of this innate habit of survival, it is difficult to spot a red spider mite infestation. They are very tiny, resembling small red speckles of dust, and will spin webs just like other spiders. Look for these signs if you suspect an outbreak within your landscaping. Fortunately, they are a bit easier to get rid this time of year because they are not reproducing as rapidly.


Aphids are trickier winter tree pests since there are more than 4,000 known species around the world. This makes them harder to identify, which in turn, leaves many tree infestations misdiagnosed and mistreated. Furthermore, their high numbers allow their hordes to surmount a plant quickly. Their eggs are laid in the fall, and remain dormant within trees during the winter season. As a result, trees can experience a rapid decline in health and structural integrity.

Codling Moth Grubs

If you can picture a worm crawling out of an apple, like in those fairytale movies you used to watch as a kid, you might be imagining a codling moth grub. That is because these common winter tree pests target fruit trees, including apple trees, pear trees, and cherry trees. Like spider mites, they will enter the tiny crevices and hide away for the winter, which overall, damages a tree.

How to Treat and Defend Your Trees

There are plenty of ways to prevent pest outbreaks in your trees. The most effective method is routine tree care, namely trimming and pruning. This promotes healthy growth and lasting stability in trees. See our blog, “When is it Time to Trim My Trees?” to learn how to develop a routine schedule for your property. Weeding and mulching are two additional tasks that will make identifying pests easier.

You can also choose to apply a spray-on pest defender repellent on your trees in the fall for winter protection. Be sure to hire a professional company for tree spraying services. Another technique is to apply glue around your trees in the form of bands, which can prevent insects from crawling up the trunks and into the canopies.

Indianapolis Tree Care You Can Trust

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Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518
Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518