Can I Plant a Tree This Time of Year?

Situations happen all the time that call for tree replacement or transplanting, such as storms, land development, home renovations, and more. In the same position, you may be wondering whether or not you can successfully plant or transfer a tree this time of year.

Continue reading to learn about fall tree planting, including the right times to plant deciduous and evergreen species.

Indianapolis Tree Service 317-783-2518

Indianapolis Tree Service 317-783-2518

Fall Tree Planting

In Indiana, early fall, between late August and early October, are the best times of year to plant a tree. The reason why this time of year is best suited for tree planting has to do with the weather and root systems. Cooler temperatures support new root growth, and render stronger roots in the seasons to come. Furthermore, newly planted trees are more prone to sun scald drought, wildlife tampering, disease, and more; so planting them in the fall when the weather is mild can encourage a higher survival rate.

Exceptions to the Rule

This rule of thumb does not always apply every year since seasonal weather conditions can sometimes be unpredictable or inconsistent in Indiana. It really just depends on the type of fall we are having. So long as the hottest temperatures of summer are past, and the ground isn’t frozen yet, the conditions should be suitable for tree planting.

Also, certain species of trees are better planted at certain times in the fall. For instance, Maple trees should be planted in fall, while species like Birch, Dogwood, and Willow trees require more time to establish root systems, so they are better off planted in the spring. As for fruit trees, these also need to be planted in the spring to avoid winter weather damages.

Who to Trust for Expert Tree Transplanting

Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518

Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518

Call Complete Tree Care at 317-783-2518 for experienced Indianapolis tree transplanting and removal you can trust. We offer a wide range of residential and commercial tree work, including tree removal, trimming, pruning, stump removal, lot clearing, and more. Call 317-783-2518 to request a free estimate, today.