How to Diagnose a Hazardous Tree

Sometimes a tree can be a hazard to its surroundings. In order to know whether or not a tree is dangerous, you will need to have it inspected by a licensed and qualified tree service company. They alone have the knowledge and experience to make an accurate determination of your tree’s condition. Prior to contacting a tree professional, you can make your own assessments by taking a closer look at your questionable tree.

Continue reading to learn the signs of a dangerous tree, and which steps you should take if you suspect yours could be a hazard to people, pets, and property.

Indianapolis Tree Removal 317-783-2518
Indianapolis Tree Removal 317-783-2518

Possible Causes of Hazardous Trees

Trees that are prone to being a hazard are usually those that have not had a healthy upbringing or have been exposed to certain conditions. There are many external factors that can lead to tree failure, and ultimately, property damage or injury. Common factors include tree disease, pest infestations, nuisance wildlife interference, land development, construction, lawn care, landscaping work, inclement weather (droughts, wind, ice, storms, etc.), vandalism, pollution, and more.

Other times, factors can be internal, involving a tree’s health or makeup, such as co-dominant stems, basal rot, heavy and/or overextended limbs, nutrient or water deficiency, and more. Whatever cause has led to a tree’s decline, the most important aspect is catching the signs on time, before any harm can take place. Once you do catch the signs of a hazardous tree, it is necessary to have it inspected by a licensed Indianapolis tree service contractor for expert evaluation and assistance.

Here are some common signs of a dangerous tree:

? Heavily Leaning in One Direction
? Overgrown Foliage and Limbs
? Obstructive Branches and Limbs
? Substantial Pest Infestation
? Peeling Bark
? Fungal Growth
? Cracked or Split Trunk
? Rotted Trunk
? Rotting Tree Roots

How Can I Tell if My Tree is Dead or Alive?

A dead tree will eventually fall and deteriorate, so it is important to know the signs. For instance, dead trees do not have leaves, and will not sprout new buds on its limbs and branches. Furthermore, they will have dry, brittle bark that snaps in half. And if you snap a twig in half, it will not be green or fleshy yellow on the inside.

What To Do About a Dangerous Tree

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Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518
Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518