Can I Replant a Fallen Tree?

Tree roots are more than meets the eye. You see, the root system of a tree expands broadly within the ground space below its mound. This is referred to as a trees “critical root zone”, and can span as wide as 10 feet or more around the circumference of the tree. However, regardless of how extensive they spread out, tree roots do not grow very deep into the ground, which means that trees are susceptible to being easily uprooted by severe storms and heavy winds.

When a tree is displaced from the ground, several, if not all roots, are broken in half, rendering them tremendously weak and damaged. Not only does this circumstance put the roots under serious stress, the crown and trunk are also affected. Furthermore, when exposed outside of the soil, they are all prone to serious damages that can ultimately kill the tree.

So what does this mean for you? Well, if you have a tree that has been uprooted from the ground, continue reading to learn if it can be saved or not, and if so, where to begin.

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Indianapolis Tree Service 317-783-2518

Facts About Uprooted Trees

In many cases, an uprooted tree does not survive. This is because the root system is too damaged to fully recover. This is especially true for large or mature trees. But sometimes, a tree can be saved by replanting it, but only under certain circumstances. And even if the tree can be revived by putting it back into the ground, it could experience problems such as transplant shock. This is why post-replanting care is so vital for the survival of a tree that has been uprooted by inclement weather.

Large Tree Uprooting

Large trees are not common survivors of uprooting. Their root systems are extensive and mature, which provides the tree with water and nutrients. When massive severing occurs, they are not strong enough to supply the tree with adequate amounts of food and water, causing the tree to die. But also, replanting a large tree is not easy to do since their extensive root systems also anchor the tree down, providing stability. Once the roots are severed, this stability is difficult to recreate. It is also challenging to get a large tree to stand straight to begin with.

Small Tree Uprooting

Smaller trees have a higher chance at survival because their roots systems are not as extensive. A large portion of their root system stays intact after being uprooted, and the smaller size reduces the amount of exterior damage to the trunk and branches caused by the actual fall. When uprooted, they suffer the same amount of stress as large trees, but can then be replanted in most cases. It requires professional tree service to replant uprooted trees properly. This is because they have the tools, training, and knowledge to complete the job safely and in a convenient time frame.

How to Care for an Uprooted Tree

Once a tree has been replanted, the after-care portion is critical to its survival. This includes regular tree pruning, sufficient watering, and adding fertilizer after one year of new-growth. Trust your local tree care technician for professional tree service so that your replanted trees do not suffer from transplant shock or any other issues.

Licensed Tree Service Near You

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Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518
Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518