Quick Guide to Tree Stump Burning

Tree stumps are a natural part of the tree decline process. Whether turned over by a storm, cut down for landscaping reasons, or succumbed to certain, natural death, a tree stump is sure to remain once a tree is no more. However, you do not have to live with a tree stump forever. You can choose from a variety of stump removal methods, from machine stump removal and stump grinding, to manual stump removal. One such manual stump removal option is stump burning. Although it is strongly recommended to hire a professional for all tree service tasks, those who are confident in their handyman skills may be able to burn out a tree stump themselves.

Continue below to get an understanding of what the process of tree stump burning looks like, and ultimately, why you should enlist the services of a trained expert.

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Supplies to Gather:

➜ Shovel
➜ Power Drill
➜ Kerosene
➜ Charcoal
➜ Firewood
➜ Long Matches
➜ Water in Can or Hose

Tree Stump Removal Process By Burning:

Check the Weather Report

You never want to work with fire outdoors in certain weather conditions. Check your week’s forecast to ensure a calm, dry day for burning, followed by some wet days to ensure all smolders are out.

Dig a Moat Hole Around the Stump

Dig around the tree stump to expose as much of the trunk as you can. If you can get all the way down to the roots below the trunk, do so.

Drill Holes into the Trunk

Using a power drill and bit, drill 12 mm holes into the sides of the tree stump. Drill as deep as it will let you, up to 20 mm is ideal.

Inject Kerosene into the Holes

Using whatever apparatus that suits you, pour kerosene into the drilled holes. Then let the kerosene soak in for a couple of days.

Build a Charcoal and Firewood Mound

Build a mound of charcoal around and on top of the tree trunk, then cover with an additional layer of firewood. Use whatever amount you need depending on the size of the trunk.

Set the Stump Ablaze and Control It

Using long matches, set your mound on fire. Be sure to control the fire by supervising it up close at all times, and dampening the surrounding soil to ensure it does not spread around or underground.

Be Patient for a Few Days

On the first day, your stump should burn a quarter of the way. Each day from there, the smoldering should reduce the stump fully. Give it 3 or 4 days.

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Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518