What is Winter Burn in Trees?

Also known as desiccation, winter burn is a potentially-fatal seasonal problem among evergreen trees. The most common causes for winter burn are insufficient levels of moisture in soil, freezing temperatures, and inclement winds. These factors cause trees to lose moisture faster than they can replace it, as a result of the frozen ground and soil conditions. Because of these conditions, trees suffering from winter burn often die before spring arrives.

If you suspect your evergreen trees are suffering from desiccation, continue reading to learn more facts about treatment, prevention, and professional service.

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Common Signs of Winter Burn

The signs and symptoms of winter burn in trees vary depending on the species. For instance, the needles of Fir trees might turn yellow or red, whereas spruces and pines will experience yellow to brown discoloration, leading to red tipped needles. The “ombre” needle coloring is the most common sign of winter burn. Usually, one side of a tree is affected more than the other because of wind and sun exposure. So a half discolored evergreen could be suffering from desiccation.

Treatment and Prevention

To treat winter burn, you must start by preventing it from happening in the first place. That is because most trees that come down with desiccation are not curable, especially for newly planted or young trees. Once needles discolor or die, they will not come back until next spring; and that’s only if you take the proper precautions throughout the rest of the year.

Common Methods of Prevention:

Regular Watering (12-18 inches of saturation per week)
Pest Management
Wind Barriers
Routine Tree Pruning
Regularly Water Newly Planted/Young Trees

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Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518
Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518