Facts About Over-Watering and Under-Watering Trees

Unlike our own species, trees do have voices they can use to tell us they need more water or have had enough. For this reason, it is important to be the voice of trees, and learn what signs they exhibit to let us know their watering needs. Continue reading to learn the common signs of over-watered and under-watered trees, and what you can do to help a suffering tree.

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Tree Watering Basics

The general rule of thumb for water trees varies depending on the age, species, condition, and location of a tree. For instance, newly-planted and transplanted trees should be watered regularly enough so that the top 12 inches of soil remains moist to the touch. This averages out to around 4 to 8 gallons per week. Mature trees needn’t regular watering, and instead, should just be properly mulched and watered during dry spells. For sick trees, watering should be increased, or as instructed by a licensed arborist.

Since tree watering needs vary on species, location, climate, season, and more, there is really no way of establishing a universal rule of thumb. However, you can learn how to spot the signs of over-watering and under-watering a tree. This knowledge can help you take better care of your trees, and respond to nutritional issues early on, before they can turn fatal for your trees.

Signs of an Over-Watered Tree:

☙ The base of the tree is always wet to the touch. Although the mulch bed surrounding the base of the tree should retain moisture at all times, there should also be a period of the day when the mulch is dry on top. If the mulch is always wet, even when other mulch beds and tree bases are dry, it could mean it has been given too much water.

☙ Blooms do not grow to size. If the blooms, flowers, or fruits on your tree do not fully-bloom, and instead wither and drop, it could mean that they are getting too much water. If the blooms turn light green or yellow in color, it could also mean over-watering.

☙ Green leaves are fragile and break off. If your tree sprouts foliage that is green, yet break off easily to the touch, it could be there is an over-watering issue. If you notice a pile of green leaves around the base of your tree, it may signify the same issue.

Signs of an Under-Watered Tree:

The signs of an under-watered tree are quite similar to those of an over-watered tree. So be sure you look closely to see the difference. Common signs include:

☙ Leaf Wilting or Curling
☙ Browning Edges or Tips on Leaves
☙ Thin or Thinning Canopy
☙ Under-Sized Leaves
☙ Off-Color Leaves
☙ Premature Fall Color Changing

QUICK TIP: Can you stick a screwdriver into the ground below your tree? If you cannot do so easily or at all, your tree definitely needs more water!

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Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518
Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518