How to Hire a Reputable Tree Service Company

As a property owner, there are a few things you need to know before outsourcing professional tree service. Whether you need routine tree care such as trimming or pruning, or major tree work like large tree removal or lot clearing, you need a company that can be trusted to deliver safety, quality, and efficiency on every job. And to find the right tree care company, you need to know what to look for.

Continue reading to learn how to hire a dependable tree service company who can manage the size and scope of your tree service needs.

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Real Experience

When it comes time to research tree care companies, it is important to look for signs of professionalism and skill. The very first thing you want to look for in a tree service company is experience. In an industry like this, hands-on experience is the key to perfecting the tree care craft. At least ten years of experience is a good start, and any more than that is an added assurance. This is especially important for larger or more complex tree service jobs, like stump removal and storm damage clearance.

Valued Credentials

Aside from experience, there are a few other credentials to look for in a tree service company. Licensing and insurance is key when it comes to any service-oriented company. So be sure your choice of service is licensed and insured. Not only does this protect you, it ensures that your property is in the hands of certified professionals.

Fair Prices

Request estimates from your potential tree service candidates to compare pricing and overall costs. Not only will this help you gain an understanding of the average cost of tree service, it will allow you to compare competitors’ prices and choose which ones seems the most fair and the least suspicious. Keep in mind that if the estimate is drastically lower than the average cost of the other estimates you’ve received, it could be an indication of unethical work. So take oddly-low estimates as a warning rather than a miracle.

Quality Labor and Equipment

Make sure your tree service company retains the proper equipment to provide safe and efficient tree work. But also be sure they are fully-staffed to manage the size and scope of your tree service needs. A fully-equipped and staffed tree service company is a sign that they are a reputable team to hire.

Indianapolis Tree Service at an Affordable Price

Call Complete Tree Care at 317-783-2518 for Indianapolis tree services you can trust. We are highly trained and experienced tree care technicians that offer commercial and residential tree services at affordable prices. As professional tree specialists, we know precisely how to manage each and every tree service job requested of us. We only use quality equipment to carry out our tree care services and never neglect safety. And if you have a tree emergency after regular business hours, we offer two separate after-hours phone lines!

Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518
Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518