Strategic Tree Placement Can Reduce Outside Noise

Trees provide us with so many benefits. They breathe out oxygen and breathe in carbon dioxide, while we breathe out carbon dioxide and breathe in oxygen. Besides this essential phenomenon that supports all living organisms on earth, trees do so much more for us. They increase property value, provide shade and comfort, which also reduces energy consumption in the home, and they add beauty to sorts of landscapes.

But did you know that trees can also reduce the level of outdoor noise you hear from inside your property?

This is a wonderful noise control solution for homes and commercial businesses. Effective noise reduction can be achieved on your property by strategically placing trees around your landscaping. Continue reading to learn more about strategic tree placement and how it can reduce outside noise pollution.

Indianapolis Tree Service 317-783-2518
Indianapolis Tree Service 317-783-2518

Effective Noise Reduction

Trees can reduce the level of outdoor commotion since they are full of mass. By placing them in just the right spots, you can significantly reduce the level of outdoor noise you hear from inside your home or office. Such noises include animals, birds, traffic, inclement weather, construction, children at play, and more. Using trees as noise buffers is effective, but only if done right. You will require the assistance of an experience tree care company for accurate tree planning and placement.

Planning and Placement

First, the property must be inspected and assessed to determine where the main source of noise is located. Placing the trees as close to the source of noise and using a 20 to 100 foot-wide buffer of trees is the best practice and will greatly reduce noise pollution. The length of buffer generally depends on the size of the property.

Once the assessment and planning is complete, a professional tree service will move forward with the tree planting and placement process. Depending on the size and needs of the property, projects last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks and range in price. An on-site assessment is the most accurate method for estimating price and time frames for tree planning and placement.

Tree Species

Although full-canopied deciduous trees can work as effective noise buffers, evergreen trees are the most popular, effective, and recommended species to use. Not only does their dense fir block out noise, it provides more privacy for the property. This can also increase a home’s energy efficiency by allowing the house to maintain more steady indoor climates. Talk to your Indianapolis tree care company for advice on landscaping trees and noise reduction for your property.

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Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518
Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518