Will Hanging Christmas Lights Harm My Trees?

We are well into the Christmas season by now, and many homeowners are preparing to decorate their front yards with all their favorite seasonal charm. Those most admired outdoor holiday d├ęcorations we look forward to every year are string lighting. Nothing is more amazing than a street filled with brilliant, sparkling holiday lights! But in order to make the best of holiday decorating, it is necessary to hang Christmas lights properly, especially when it comes to trees. Improper stringing and draping of Christmas lights can have adverse effects on your landscaping trees, as well as your house and other surrounding structures.

If you are a holiday d├ęcor enthusiast who wishes to string up lights around your house, you might want to review some important tips for hanging Christmas lights on trees. Continue reading to get started!

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Know Your Lights

There are several different kinds of Christmas lights. The type you are using will have an influence on how you should hang them, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the most common options. Common options include LED, wide-angled LED, incandescent, transparent, globe, ceramic, RGB LED, and net lights.

Have a Plan

Once you are aware of the type of lights you are using outside, begin to plan out your scheme. Determine where you will be adding lights, such as windows, roof edges, doors, and more. Then determine which lights you are going to add and how much. To determine how much length of lighting you need, divide the height of the trunk by the spacing between each strip of lights you will use, about 3 inches is ideal. Next, multiply that number by the trunk’s circumference. From there, you can coordinate a plan for battery power, backups, and of course, fire safety.

Use Net Lighting for Trees

Hanging Christmas lights on trees can be damaging, and lead to broken branches, limb loss, foliage loss, bark damage, and more. For this reason, if you plan to string lights on your outdoor landscaping trees, it is highly recommended to use net lighting. Net lighting are basically large nets covered in lights. They can be easily draped over trees with a simply throw. They are safer for tree branches and foliage since they do not directly attach.

Standard Lights for Trees

If you are sticking with traditional string lights for tree decorating, be sure you follow the best practices for tree protection. A general rule of thumb is to use C7 or C9 sized bulbs and space them around 6 to 8 inches apart. After all, having longer distances between lights will allow more light to spread across a wider area, thus creating more picturesque shadows and warmth.

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Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518
Indianapolis Tree Care 317-783-2518